Buying Guide

At OldSold.In we make sure that all the products that are sold on our website are 100% in working condition. For that, all our phones undergo a complete indepth 40+ parameters check. The phones which pass all the parameters, are selected and sold on our website. With this the buyer can be rest assured of 100% quality product from the house of OldSold. There are key important points/parameters that will be helpful for buying any product on our website.

Condition of the Phone

All our phones are categorized in 5 conditions viz: Excellent, Good, Above Average, Nice and Fair.
The conditions provide an information of any physical wear and tear, company warranty on the mobile phone. All our phones come with their condition, and can become helpful while purchasing the product.

Apart from that, even if the companies warranty has expired, OldSold.In provides additional 15 days warranty on all our products.

OLDSOLD aims to become the leading brand for buying and selling of OLD & Refurbished electronics items in INDIA. Backed by the vision of Alok Parmar and the dedicated team of OLD SOLD, customers can have 100% transparency and Quality service from our team.