We are a company that prides itself upon our customers; Trust Reliability


We are a team of tech experts who sell PreOwned electronic products.

Our business model starts from buying used electronic products from end-users, reverse marketplaces, larger companies and local stores. This is followed by a certification process of quality checking and grading these products through multiple rounds of parameters. Depending on the final grade, they are sold to end-users, dealers, distributors, repair centres, e-waste recyclers, and many more.

We are partnered with high-end e-commerce platforms, including reverse marketplaces, large and small retail players.

Our tech lab experts conduct a quality check on each product, after which the products are graded accordingly. 


OldSold.in was built to create an organised market for Pre-Owned products.

The Indian market always had a huge potential of trading-in second-hand products. However, the problem was that the dealings remained unorganised, from applying taxes to displaying the true quality of the product; the processes lacked transparency.

These PreOwned devices needed a professional and ethical setup so they can be graded for quality and feature categorisation, and resold in the market at affordable pricing.

Recognising this crucial market need, OldSold.in was established in 2016 and was built on the concept of developing a more organised market for reusable electronic products.

Here began the journey where PreOwned products, like mobile, laptop, tablet and television were bought online and offline from small and large retailers.

Each product was passed through a 40-parameter quality check, after which they were graded into specific categories, and finally approved by our lab tech experts for selling individually or to bulk buyers.

Ever since, OldSold.in has established a deep trust among its large pool of customers. The company has gained growing recognition for its reliability and quality of services, be it an end-user who wishes to buy a single second-hand device or a wholesale marketer purchasing bulk products.


OldSold.in is working tirelessly to bridge the gap between the organised trades in the supply and demand of PreOwned products. We are constantly striving to achieve a reliable process through a system-driven approach.

Therefore, if you visit OldSold.in and browse through the products of interest, you will find a systemized process to check the product; its features and quality grading, along with the appropriate costing. We have simplified every area of the trading process to give you a transparent, genuine and reliable service.

Manufacturing phones involves hazardous materials that harm our environment, especially once they’re discarded back to the earth. Dealing and investing in these PreOwned products makes it an affordable and environment-friendly market.


The force behind our progress


Mukesh Hiran

Director & Business Maverick

Alok Parmar

Director & Tech Pundit


Rakesh Shah

Industry Expert Advisor

K L Parmar

Chartered Accountant & Business Advisor


We are a company that prides itself upon our customers' trust and reliability.

If you must, choose us for:

  • Transparency
  • Clear grading
  • Smoother transactions
  • Hassle-free returns

We do our best to ensure complete customer satisfaction from helping you select the products to delivering at your doorstep and everything in between. We make sure to grade every product for its quality level and features.

And finally, in selling PreOwned products, we’re doing our part of helping preserve our precious environment.


To reduce pollution of new tech productions and promote the green earth revolution by encouraging Re-Use, while creating value for trade partners, customers, employees and stakeholders.


To ease the process of buying Re-Used products for trade and consumers, and to organise the trade channel.


We provide transparent access to our list of products. All required information on used and graded products are available on our website.

We’ve devised a four-step process to make it quick and simple for you.

Purchasing individually

Are you buying an electronic product for personal use, or are you a corporate company who wants to provide your employees with business laptops or phones to connect?

Step 1: Select product
Step 2: View product details & visuals
Step 3: Order & delivered at home
Step 4: ReUse & Save the environment

Purchasing in Bulk

Are you a vendor looking to buy and sell electronic products to your customers? We sell in bulk!

Step 1: Select the bulk list
Step 2: View models & visuals
Step 3: Buy
Step 4: Earn a profit


Our head office is based in Mumbai. We ship across India and are accessible to our customers on a PAN India level as we are based in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Surat.

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